Two Faces Of A Serial Rapist


 It was 05:00.  As she lay sleeping in her ground level apartment, all alone, the serial rapist parked his car some distance away, leaving his keys and billfold in the car.  He silently made his way to her front door.  The quiet of the night was perfect.  Everyone was asleep.  The globe covering the light at the front door was no problem for this predator, who came prepared.  With gloves on, he slowly turned the globe counter-clockwise so as to cause little noise; then he did the same with the bulb.  The light flickered, then extinguished.  It was perfect darknerss.  Then, with screwdriver in hand poised toward the door lock, no doubt he experienced the same fantasies he had many times before. But this sexual deviate, who before had erictile dysfunction during his encounters, did not count on the woman's companion - her Himalayan cat, "Precious", who alerted her!  As fear drove the moment, she did what most women alone at night would do!


  TWO FACES OF A SERIAL RAPIST, is a true-crime story of a most-unlikely serial rapist.  Terry Greenway, by day a pillar of the church and community, two jobs, married with three teenage sons, was accused of being the nighttime masked predator and rapist, who, for years, broke into apartments within a few miles of the "Big Chicken," a local Marietta landmark restaurant.

The book chronicles a three-year crime spree of break-ins, assaults, rapes and violence against women culminating in shattered dreams, violence, extreme fear, and a lengthy trial involving explicit testimonials.  The author reveals, 20 years later, through interviews of the victims, how their lives were shattered by their victimization and how they have dealt with it.  Further, an interview of the convicted sexual predator from his prison cell reveals his explanations of the past and contemplations for the future.



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